About Evans Classics

James Hunt giving me his autograph in 1984

Being born in 1978 into a family which owned local vehicle service stations along with car sales, it seemed to be my destiny that I would be involved with motor vehicles.

Like most car fanatics Matchbox were the model cars that began a life-long love for anything with wheels, with several car sites dotted around the living room floor, this used to make vacuum cleaning a nightmare for my mother.

Any free time, weekends, school holidays were spent at the service station, where the passion & obsession just grew, so much so I can remember as a enthusiastic 5 year old, sitting on the inner wing of a beige Mk1 Ford Fiesta watching my Grandfather change the clutch.

I believe I was about 7 years old when I first experienced my first motor auction this was the mid 80’s.

I can remember we caught the train from Bridgend train station to Camberley, where we attended the British Car Auction – Frimley, now renamed BCA Blackbushe.
What good memories, three auction halls running at a super fast pace, but what impressed me the most was the hundreds of cars for sale in one place.

I can remember we bought a dark green Ford Sierra to come home in that day.

Later, lots more enjoyable auction trips followed to other British Car Auction sites throughout the country.

Fast forward to 1994 when I was employed at Tondu Road Motors (Bridgend’s Peugeot Main Dealer) where I trained and became a motor vehicle technician.

This is where my buying and selling stepped up a gear!
I would buy the older part-exchange vehicles: Cavalier’s, Cortina’s – anything and everything, take them home and prepare them for sale. I’d have dad helping with the polishing, even Nan on the glass – nobody could clean glass like her !

Driven by the passion of wheels, I decided in 2000 to open Jonathan Evans Car Sales, where I enjoyed over 16 successful years of trading.

Still with a strong passion for vehicles, I’ve established Evans Classics to Find, Buy & Sell modern / future classic vehicles giving them the potential of survival !